A butt plug is a device that is used for sexual pleasure.

Whether you are a man or a woman, they can bring lots of pleasure to you. A butt plug is a device that is used for sexual pleasure – no matter your sexual orientation or gender.

The rectal opening contains many sensitive nerve endings both in woman and in men, which can bring about pleasure and sometimes pain in some people. A butt plug in the male it can be especially pleasurable because it often will stimulate the prostate, again which contains sensitive nerve endings. For the female it can indirectly stimulate her G-Spot, cervix. The muscles of the anus contract during an orgasm and having and by having an object in the sphincter can add to the sensation of the contractions and will actually intensify the orgasm. Some are even designed to stimulate the prostate in the male.

The butt plug comes in many different styles, shapes, textures, and colors, but they contain a flanged end to help to keep the device from being lost inside of a person. The anus and rectum leads to the colon, and on into the intestinal track, unlike a vagina that is closed off by the cervix. Since objects that are inserted into the rectum can travel up into the colon, the flange is designed to help prevent this from happening. The shape is usually similar to what is pictured. They can be made out of latex, metal, glass, neoprene, and other materials. The metal usually stainless steel, and the glass ones can generally be washed in a dishwasher. While the other are not easily cleaned. Therefore it is best not to share with other people.


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